A big thanks to Lonk ( http://lonk.tumblr.com/ ) for getting this from my piss poor description! The drawing exercise I was referring to in my previous post was taken from this fantastic video by Will Terell.

He makes it look so easy… a little too easy…

If you are in some sort of rut, or just fancy a spot of fun I couldn’t recommend this more.



I’m so gonna try this out!

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Ah! I used to do this all the time in school yesss reff art

Anonymous asked:

what is your comic actually about? like a synopsis

Thyphos tales Answer:

Basically young ruler ascends to throne fucks up everything.

Well, hang on I have the premise written down somewhere.

Tale of two heroes centres around Shayle. The newest heir to Ayrdune, and Thain, victim of her first success as ruler and outcast.

Premise: revenge leads to downfall.

Who’s downfall? → Shayle’s. She’s so set on accomplishing her late grandfather’s wishes she destroys everything that matters to her. Yet, as she becomes more absorbed in her own plans for subjugation, she is unable to see the destruction around her. This leads not only to her demise but also a legacy of destruction that threatens to make the whole of Thyphos a no man’s land.

The story basically involves lots of politics, warfare, and horrible abominable magic.